ConvertEmptyStringToNull not working with ASP.NET SqlDataSource Parameters

The ConverEmptyStringToNull property of SqlDataSource Parameters does not work for 2.0 applications. You probably need this kind of setting when you have a stored procedure that can handle null as a valid parameter value, but the framework assumes nothing has been supplied and prevents the select/insert/update/delete statement from executing.

Sybase AseConnection Internal Error 30016

A windows service I developed – which uses Sybase ADO.NET drivers¬† to connect to a Sybase database – suddenly stopped working yesterday. The log files showed a sybase exception described as Internal error 30016.¬† We had a contingency server on which a copy of the main database is loaded daily, so I tried connecting to […]

Realplayer for Android gets new look in Beta 2

The ubiquitous RealPlayer for Android (beta 2) is now available in android market! Never mind the ‘beta’ label, it’s very much usable. The user interface has also been revised: it blends more with the general Android look and feel, for those who saw the previous (version 0.9) beta .

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